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Here are 40 books about children's books (30 story books + 10 activity books) for you.

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Children's Books Bundle, 40 Books - Digital Download (PDF)

In this assortment you will find 30 delightful storybooks featuring beloved characters and captivating tales. Young readers will be thoroughly enthralled as they immerse themselves in imaginative worlds and follow beloved heroes on exciting adventures.

We hope you and your young reader are enjoying the selections so far. Here are a few more titles just waiting to ignite imagination:

“Confidence is the Key to Success”

Ebook Summary

The story “Confidence Is The Key To Success” revolves around Sammy, a shy and timid young sparrow who misses out on exciting adventures due to his lack of confidence. When his friend Benny the bunny invites him to join a race, Sammy initially hesitates but decides to participate to overcome his shyness and gain confidence.

Sammy practices diligently leading up to the race, and on the big day, he lines up with other participants feeling nervous. However, he remembers the phrase “Confidence is the key to success” and gives his best effort during the race. To his surprise, Sammy finishes in second place, just behind Benny. Although he didn’t win, he feels like a winner because he conquered his fear and gained self-confidence.

The moral of the story emphasizes the importance of confidence in overcoming fears and achieving success. Like Sammy, the story encourages readers to believe in themselves as the first step towards reaching their goals.

“The Fox and the Grapes”

Ebook Summary

In “The Fox and the Grapes,” a sly and hungry fox encounters a beautiful vine covered with tempting and delicious grapes in a lush forest. He desperately wants the grapes but finds them out of reach no matter how hard he tries. After several unsuccessful attempts, the frustrated fox gives up, claiming that the grapes are probably sour and that he didn’t want them anyway. He walks away, pretending not to care about the grapes.

The moral of the story highlights the human tendency to pretend not to desire something when we can’t obtain it. It emphasizes the importance of being honest with ourselves and not diminishing the value of things we cannot have. In this case, the fox might have missed out on a tasty treat simply because he couldn’t reach it and pretended not to care.

“The Wise Wolf and the Lost Lamb”

Ebook Summary

“The Wise Wolf and the Lost Lamb” is a heartwarming tale set in a dense forest, where a wise and kind old wolf named Walter lives. Unlike other wolves who are feared, Walter is known for his intelligence and kindness. One sunny day, he hears the cries of a little lost lamb named Lucy. Despite her initial fears of wolves, Lucy trusts Walter, who kindly offers to help her find her way home.

As they journey together, Walter shares stories and wisdom, teaching Lucy about kindness, compassion, and helping those in need. Lucy learns that wolves aren’t as scary as they seem, and Walter’s stories change her perspective.

When they finally reach Lucy’s home, her family is relieved and grateful to Walter. They realize that not all wolves are dangerous, and Walter teaches them a valuable lesson about not judging others based on stereotypes and appearances.

The story concludes with the forest animals learning to be open to kindness from unexpected sources and not to judge others based on their looks. Lucy and Walter’s unlikely friendship shows that even a wolf and a lamb can form a deep bond, highlighting the importance of kindness and friendship.

10 Activity Books - Digital Download (PDF)

Additionally, the collection includes 10 fun and educational activity books designed to stimulate creativity and learning. Children can flex their artistic skills by coloring, drawing, and crafting. They'll also challenge their minds through games, and science experiments.

Kids absolutely love coloring and activity books, and it’s not hard to see why. First off, coloring is great for their little hands. It helps them get better at holding things and coordinating their movements, which is super important when they’re growing up.

Then there’s the whole creativity thing. Give a kid a coloring book and some crayons, and watch their imagination take off! They get to pick their favorite colors, make their own designs, and just have fun with it. It’s like their own little art project.

And you know what? Activity books can be pretty educational too. Lots of them have letters, numbers, animals, you name it. So while kids are coloring, they’re also learning new stuff without even realizing it!

With such a variety of story and activity books to choose from, there is something here to captivate even the pickiest of readers. Nurture a lifelong love of reading in that special child by selecting from this diverse selection today! At this price point, you can indulge their curiosity while supporting their development.

Don't miss out - browse our collection of 40 top-quality books for hours of entertainment and enrichment. Help unleash your child's potential and grow their love of stories!

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